Trattore SAME 240 in risaia / SAME 240 Tractor in rice-field, 1963

The entire collection comprises over 60,000 printed photographs and slides, 7,200 of which trace the company’s history from 1918 to the present day.
The pictures are divided into two sub-categories: the first covers events, trade fairs, press conferences, visitors, inaugurations; the second contains images portraying SAME’s production, from project to field tests on farming and industrial equipment.

This photographic repertoire retraces the progress of field and factory labour from post-war years to today. The photographs, stored according to the established standards, are also visible on the Company’s website.

Press review

Rassegna stampa / Press review, 1977

Over sixty-eight files of newspaper and magazine cuttings, both Italian and of other nations, regarding SAME and the Group’s brands, starting from 1928.

Library – Newspapers and Periodicals – House organ

4RM, 4 Ruote Motrici – House organ / 4RM, 4 Wheels Drive – House organ, 1979

Ours is a small library, specialised in the history of farming and agricultural mechanisation containing 400 books published as from post-WW2 years. The Historical Archives are progressively collecting dissertations presented over the years regarding the Group’s brands, products or industrial processes. To-date over 97 titles have been entered in the data system, and made available for consultation: a fascinating wealth of resources, which underlines the contribution of the SAME Group to the academic and research worlds.
The Newspapers and Periodicals collection houses sector-specific publications, both Italian and foreign, dating from 1954 onwards.
Important keys for reconstructing the Company’s historic background are the Company’s house organs SAME Informazioni (1959-1966) and 4 Ruote Motrici (1966-2007).

Video library

SAME nel mondo / SAME in the world, 1967

A collection of 1160 films of an institutional and commercial nature – regarding events (trade fairs, conventions, press conferences), documentaries, commercials – produced on various media (vhs, U-matic, cd, dvd), starting from 1953.

Advertising literature

Trattore SAME Minitauro 50 / SAME Minitauro 50 Tractor, 1970

The wealth of catalogues (over 2300) starting from 1927, includes richly illustrated multipage publications in different languages, featuring presentations of the products, their use and technical characteristics.

These catalogues are useful resources for reconstructing the history of art work and lifestyle.

Technical publications

Motori a V SAME a 6 e 8 cilindri – Libretto di istruzioni e Catalogo Parti di Ricambio / V SAME 6 and 8 cylinder engines – Instructions Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue, 1969

The collection of technical documentation includes more than 7,000 books in total, published in various different languages and dating back to 1945. The catalogued material is divided into replacement parts catalogues (more than 900), workshop manuals (over 500) and use and maintenance manuals (more than 2700).

These documents are of great historic importance for our technical and technological heritage. Interested users can apply to the Archives for free electronic copies of these technical publications.

Prizes, diplomas, awards

Il Presidente della Repubblica G. Leone consegna il “Seminatore d’oro” al cavaliere del lavoro Francesco Cassani nell’ambito della Fiera di Verona / The President of the Republic G. Leone awards the “Seminatore d’oro” to Cavaliere del Lavoro Francesco Cassani during the Trade Fair in Verona, 1971

Over the years, all manner of recognition has been awarded to founder Francesco Cassani, to SAME and its production.

This category encompasses over 218 prizes, diplomas and trophies, starting from 1939, the date when a silver medal was awarded by the National Council for Research to the Company SPICA-Cassani for the invention of injection pumps for diesel motors.

Balance sheets

Annual Report 2012

The collection includes Group’s financial statements as of 1969 and is a detailed snapshot of all business carried out and an analysis of the results achieved.

Technical drawings

Disegno Tecnico – Trattore SAME 360 / Technical Drawing – SAME 360 Tractor, 1959

The entire corpus of technical drawings consists of over 260,000 pieces, with SAME and Lamborghini drawings (around 200,000) and Deutz-Fahr drawings (around 60,000).

These are the catalogue-listed technical drawings of approx. 700 comprehensive projects, starting from 1927.

The collection includes technical drawings of single details, of project groups, engine and tractor views, sections of groups and of complete engines (sometimes featuring the codes of parts for assembly or for ordering spare parts; general views with bulk and tread measurements, hole-boring diagrams for attaching equipment). This selection of drawings forms a valuable asset consisting of over 200,000 pieces. The drawings, stored in suitable chests of drawers and folders, have been restored and digitized, and can be visualised on the website. Until 1946 the drawings were personally approved by F. Cassani. The collection testifies to the quality of the production’s conception and technical development, starting from the pioneering Cassani 40 HP model of 1927, to the design of marine and aviation engines and rectifier equipment in 1940, to the development of engines, Alpine bridges, fire-extinguishing motor pumps, cranes, hoist tackles, in WW2 times, to the design and construction, in 1946, of the Mowing Machine, which was to become the Trattorino in various versions.

Finally, the definitive move towards the tractor takes place with the advent of the 4WD Tractor, paving the way to the constant progress that we are still witnessing today. Further historical insight is provided by the development of the logo: the earliest drawings lacked a title block; those of the 1930’s bore the wording “Fratelli Cassani – Livorno”; the logo SAME was first designed when the Company was incorporated, in 1942, and is clearly recognisable, from then on, in the title blocks and on the products, castings and sheet metal.

Scale models

Modellino Trattore SAME Leone 70 / Scale Model SAME Leone 70 Tractor, 1971

The Archives also house 57 catalogue-listed scale models of tractors and machinery produced by SAME, Lamborghini, Hürlimann, DEUTZ-FAHR, starting from the model of the SAME Cassani 40 HP Tractor of 1927.

Document Archive

Agenda personale di Francesco Cassani / Francesco Cassani’s personal pocket diary, 1931

This category includes documents produced as from 1919. Particularly noteworthy are the files regarding the setting up of the Companies SPICA-Cassani and Società in Accomandita Motori Endotermici (SAME). The Archives also house the deeds of incorporation, the reports of the Board of Directors, and the minutes of the Shareholders Meetings of the Group’s Companies. This collection also features technical documentation (calibration tables, assembly instructions, notebooks on tests and processes, registers of drawings, technical and testing reports) regarding the design and production of engines, components and machinery. Of particular interest for the Company’s history is the documentation comprised in the Album Cassani: letters, telegrams, agreements, technical reports and articles by the Company’s founder.

The series of registration logs for SAME, Lamborghini, Hürlimann tractors is also an important relic, covering a time frame from 1952-1986, as well as the employee registers from 1943 to 1969. Finally, the collection of “Oral Testimonies”, comprised of taped interviews of former employees helps capture the human side of the job, personality and lives of those that worked at the company.

Advertising material

Calendario SAME / SAME Calendar, 1967

Advertising specimens (approx. 4000) include: brochures, adverts, posters, trailers, postcards, calendars, starting from 1936 to-date. The calendars, some of which were illustrated by famous photographers (George Tatge, Franco Fontana, Max Salvaggio, Tiziana Bertacci, Fabio Proverbio, Pepi Merisio), provide significant evidence of the evolution of graphics and lifestyle in our Country.