Archivio Storico / Historical Archive, 2018

Once a spare parts warehouse, the Historical Archives and Museum are housed in a specially renovated 900 m² area of the company.

The Historical Archives, built in 2004, are dedicated to the collection, conservation and promotion of historical documents of the long career of SAME and the SDF Group brands.

Inaugurated in 2008, the Museum holds valuables that tell the company’s story and the history of agricultural mechanisation with prototypes and machines in series in perfect conditions and with original, true and iconographic materials.

In 2011, the Historical Archive of technical drawings was created – a heritage of 260.000 drawings – in a designated area of 220 m², proof of the quality of the product’s technical development and how it was conceived.

Over 40.000 documents can be found in these Archives, comprising an abundant photographic collection, a specialised library with a section on dissertations and publications on agricultural mechanisation in Italy, extraordinary technical publications (original drawings, patents, user and maintenance booklets, workshop manuals, catalogues of spare parts), scale models and advertising literature (catalogues, leaflets, press publicity, calendars, house organs, videos, historic merchandising campaigns), the press review and the Group’s balance sheets.

Over the course of 2016, the Archive in Treviglio acquired the historical documentation that had previously been stored at the German headquarters of the SDF Group in Lauingen, relating to Ködel & Böhm, Fahr and DEUTZ-FAHR.

The Archives stand alongside the significant Museum, dedicated to the history of the tractor and of agricultural mechanisation.

Due to their rich heritage that tells the story of the mechanisation of agriculture in Italy, the Historical Archives and Museum have been judged “of particular historical importance” by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.